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design//digital supports the design, engineering and management of digital products and services that interact with humans. We offer a one-stop solution for businesses that are transitioning products to digital interfaces, creating new product families based on digital interfaces or want to prepare their workforce to build digital products.

Development Consulting accompanies the client’s business units in transitioning a product or product family into a digital environment, with emphasis on aesthetics and human factors.

Project Consulting offers custom-tailored services, such as industrial design, production engineering, user interface design, and user experience design.

The design of human-facing digital products needs to balance the creative and aesthetic requirements with a complete understanding of the underlying engineering and technology. design//digital positions itself midway between these areas - with a clear focus on unique digital solutions based on feasible and scalable technical platforms.

design//digital combines industrial design, graphic design and engineering services with a focus on innovative, creative solutions. We work internationally, are highly agile and are keen to create. Patrick Wollner Founder & CEO
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and analyse
human-machine interaction.

01.  Touchscreen Integration

We support businesses of all sizes in their ambition to integrate interactive controls with existing product families. Our focus is on touchscreen integration, but we are equally able to work on the conceptual and engineering designs of 'conventional' haptic interaction as well as contextual interaction.

02.  Digital Conceptual Design

We provide conceptual design support for innovative digital products and services. We accompany the client from an idea to the finalised conceptual design of digital products and services through the application of a range of design methodologies, paired with engineering expertise and forward-thinking in technology futures.

03.  Usability Evaluation

We analyse existing products and services in the context of human-machine interaction. We provide a qualitative and quantitative analysis of existing and proposed user interfaces, allowing usability to be assessed on the basis of user exclusion, design change manegement and long-term relevance.

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and Finance.

Patrick Wollner Founder & CEO

Patrick Wollner FRSA has past design experience ranging from interfaces on mobile phones to engineering digital musical instruments for opera houses.

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Patrick Wollner
Founder & CEO

Patrick Wollner FRSA has past design experience ranging from interfaces on mobile phones to engineering digital musical instruments for opera houses. Patrick has ten years' experience in technology analysis and journalism, holds a BA, MEng and MA from the University of Cambridge in Information Engineering and has recently submitted his PhD in Engineering Design, also at the University of Cambridge.

Patrick’s interests revolve around the creation of innovative and human-centred digital products and services, particularly those that cater for users with varying capabilities. Patrick has co-designed hardware and services that support the interaction between people and technology. He has designed mobile devices, including mobile phones, apps and digital instruments and authored both academic and non-academic pieces in a range of fields.

[Patrick] is focussed and yet with a wide perspective, logical and yet also creative and with a deep appreciation of the arts.

Mike Bradley EDC, University of Cambridge

Patrick [has] the rare ability to combine knowledge of both technological and management issues, and to communicate these both extremely effectively.

Tim Minshall IfM, University of Cambridge
[Patrick's] ideas and approach should make access to information systems [...] better, especially for those with little IT experience. He [...] combines new technology and sensible design very well. Jeff Patmore Head of External Research, British Telecom (2003-2011)
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